Pa’ssion (-shn), n. Strong emotion; strong enthusiasm (for thing, for doing)
Do you have a passion?

I do!

  • A passion for my work.
  • A passionate attention to detail.
  • Because the smallest things make the biggest difference.
From concept and design to fruition, leaving nothing to chance.
Giving you the confidence that whatever I do is of the very highest standard, using quality materials and sound processes. It is the only way I know.
It is the ‘way’ that has earned me the respect of galleries, clients and companies nationwide. I believe my passion for fused glass art will earn your respect too.
Following my graduation in 1996 I set up my fused glass workshop, which has been growing in strength and reputation ever since. Gaining the experience and knowledge of kiln fused glass at its best, I have the time and ability to make it work for you, from initial concept with imaginative design and sound making processes through to delivery.
Whatever your specification I can make a final piece to fulfill your needs, whether it be a two dimensional wall panel/installation or three dimensional sculpture for the interior, exterior, private or corporate sector. You will be taken on a journey of colour and design possibilities, incorporating depth, laminations, voids and originality where necessary.
Creating innovative, sophisticated, contemporary and exciting fused glass backed with practical experience, Siobhan Jones Designer Glass is where passion meets creativity!
Creating one off signed pieces of contemporary kiln fused glass, inspired by light and the part it can play in bringing life and dimension to an object.
Things I like & inspiration
  • Pink
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Water - the ocean, puddles and tropical rain
  • Pebbles
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Things that twinkle & sparkle - stars in a dark sky, happy eyes, diamonds & disco balls
  • Natural textures – tree bark, rock formations & rust.
  • Reflections & shadows
Working with private clients, art consultancies, galleries, county councils & NHS trusts, Siobhan can provide stunning fused glass solutions with a warm and professional approach for both residential and commercial projects. Consulting with clients to define and develop their requirements, care is taken to select the right colour balance, environment, budget and style which is most appropriate for the commission.
Siobhan works exclusively with high quality opal and transparent glass that is tested for colour compatibility, using solid colour that will not fade. Shaping thin canes of glass, layering colour, adding bubbles and creating voids are used in conjunction with the fusing process adding decoration and depth. All of the glass is hand cut and arranged ensuring attention to detail in every piece.

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