A unique memorial for your loved one created by a unique artist.

Ashes With Art Glass Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials Rings, Pendants and Charms

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Not everyone chooses to scatter a loved one’s ashes. Many are kept in an urn at home, in a repository or are more commonly being used to create a lasting memorial or treasured keepsake. In memory of your loved one you can have a small amount of ashes encased in glass capturing their essence and spirit keeping your loved one close forever in your home or with you, wherever you go.

From initial consultation through to creation, Siobhan is personally involved to ensure the entire process is as respectful and enjoyable as you would wish for and as positive as your loved one would expect.

As a professional fused glass artist, Siobhan takes pride and loving care in creating your memorial. Our inspirational studio is located on the beautiful south coast where mild temperatures and a way of life blend to create an environment of serenity and peace. Using only a small amount of ash Siobhan will create a beautiful work of art for you. These exquisite and unique pieces can make a wonderful gift and memory keepsake for your family, friends and carers.

Ashes With Art - Glass Jewellery

A piece of jewellery can be a real comfort at any time. Keeping a part of your loved one close has made mourning jewellery popular since Victorian times. Siobhan has taken this traditional process and fused it with her glass skills to create fabulous one off pieces that can stay with you forever.

Ashes With Art – Fused Glass Art

Through a dignified and respectful consultation process, Siobhan gets a deep understanding of the person, their values and beliefs as well as your relationship ensuring the creation of a unique piece of glass art that represent the very essence of your loved one and is a fitting memorial like no other. Glass is an exceptional and very tactile medium that Siobhan expertly uses to create bowls, wall panels, garden sculpture and jewellery memorials.

The Consultation Process

Whether you wish to discuss your requirement in person or remotely, our no obligation process is simple, respectful and enjoyable. Importantly it goes at your pace, exactly as you would expect. Should you visit, and we hope you do, our creative consultation area is steeped in history and provides a comfortable an inspiring environment to fill you with ideas allowing Siobhan to guide you through the process and create a piece that you and your loved ones deserve.

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